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Attention Valued Customers – CLP has increased inventory levels in an effort to better serve your needs. CLP Chemicals has refined glycerin available in the following package types and the following grades:

99.7% USP Kosher Non GMO (Derived from Palm)

99.7% USP Kosher (Derived from Palm or Soy)

99.7% USP (Derived from Palm, Soy, or Tallow)

99.5% Technical Grade (Derived from Palm, Soy, or Tallow)

CLP Offers packaged glycerin in 1250kg totes and 250 kg drums. We have non minimum order quantity. Please contact CLP today to request a quote. With warehouse locations across the country, CLP can deliver LTL or TL quantities anywhere within a few days. Download our packaged glycerin lineup here: CLP Packaged Glycerin


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