Health, safety, and environmental policy

CLP Chemicals is fully committed to operating safely, in environmentally responsible way, and in a manner that contributes to overall public health. CLP Chemicals operates in a business where specifications are important, documentation is critical, and where high quality is a must.


CLP Chemicals adheres to strict guidelines for handling its USP, USP Kosher, and USP/FCC/NF levels of products. Product segregation and documentation is strictly monitored.


CLP Chemicals monitors the safety record of all of its motor carriers. CLP Chemicals ensures the carriers meet minimum insurance levels and have satisfactory safety ratings, at all times. Claim rates are monitored heavily.

CLP Chemicals maintains its rail fleet at levels that exceed DOT requirements.


CLP Includes the environmental impact in every decision it makes. Our goal is to improve the reliability and safety of everything we do and out partners do to prevent accidental releases, including spills on nonhazardous products.

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